ENCS operates several state-of-the-art laboratories devoted to teaching and research. The labs in the Computer Science and Engineering Building were built and equipped expressly for our computer science and electrical engineering programs. The computers are interconnected by a dedicated, high-bandwidth network, including Internet-visible servers and dedicated wireless access.

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering labs

  • Two computer science teaching laboratories
  • Two open computer laboratories with the same capabilities as the teaching laboratory machines
  • Digital systems laboratory
  • Electronics laboratory
  • Radio-frequency teaching laboratory
  • Power systems laboratory
  • Cleanroom laboratory, including a Class 100 cleanroom

Mechanical engineering labs

  • Automation laboratory
  • Computer-aided design laboratory
  • Computer-aided engineering laboratory
  • Device diagnostics and microelectronics laboratory
  • Manufacturing laboratory
  • Materials laboratory
  • Robotics laboratory
  • Thermo/fluids laboratory

Software information

ETAP software

ETAP is a power system simulation software suite that contains a group of sub-programs that handle a variety of power system analysis. The analysis types include balanced and unbalanced load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, arc flash analysis, real-time simulation, distribution system design, grounding, protection scheme simulations, and others. The software is used mostly by engineers at the facility design and control levels, and includes energy management modules and substation automation.

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