Getting involved

We offer a variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities in which you can help make a significant impact in the lives of our students. The success of our events is always dependent on our volunteers who donate their time, expertise and energy.

Industry professionals

We want students to know the variety of STEM careers that are available and how they can contribute to solving problems and making a difference through STEM fields.

  • If you are a professional in the engineering, technology, or science field, you may be interested in visiting a MESA class and helping design and build projects.
  • You may speak at a MESA class about your career and describe different projects you work on in your job to engage their interest.
  • For MESA Day, you could participate by sponsoring a hands-on demonstration, lab activity or exhibit.
  • You may train or co-train a workshop for MESA teachers, participating in professional development training.
  • MESA students enjoy visiting places of business as well. If your place of employment can accommodate a field trip that would be engaging for our students, please let us know.

Volunteer for events — anyone can volunteer!

We need volunteers to help us coordinate, prepare, set up and clean up at our events. Your support is appreciated. Please contact us to share how you would like to volunteer your time.


We need parents who want to help recruit underrepresented students in the program, help coordinate recognition events, or support MESA in other ways. Contact us and let us know how you would like to be involved.

Advisory board

For those who want to help advise the program, advocate for district and industry participation, or raise funds on behalf of Southwest Washington MESA, there may be an opportunity to be an advisory board member. Please contact us to express your interest.