Computer Science M.S.

The Master of Science in Computer Science is a thesis program, requiring a significant research project as well as coursework in these general areas:

  • Algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Parallel and distributed computing
  • Computer networks
  • Cloud systems
  • Computer security

Students with a bachelor’s degree in computer science will be well prepared for the program, but students with bachelor’s degrees in other related fields may also apply. Because specific coursework is required as preparation, those from other related fields may be required to take additional courses before admission. For admission requirements, see the fact sheet.

Cloud computing theme

Cloud Computing refers to a modern and critical set of technologies that span core areas of Computer Science.

The Cloud Computing theme of the program is used as a unifying platform to make connections between the courses. We accomplish this by using Cloud Computing as an “application” of some of the topics covered in each course.

Cloud Computing theme components: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Software Development, Systems and Networks, Theory

The degree does not focus solely focus on Cloud Computing. Except for the CS 501 course, all other CS graduate courses are in-depth and advanced coverage of the specific topics addressed by each course.

Degree requirements

The Master of Science in Computer Science requires 30 credit hours, including 21 hours of graded course work and 9 credits of thesis research (CS 700).

Each student is expected to complete a significant research project and submit a thesis adhering to the formatting requirements of the student's advisory committee and to the requirements of the Graduate School. The thesis work should be submitted for publication prior to scheduling the thesis defense. It is the student's responsibility to meet the deadlines specified by the Graduate School and to have the thesis printed, photocopied, and distributed. One bound copy of the thesis must be provided to the School of Engineering and Computer Science as part of its library.

The 21 semester hour credits of graded course work are subject to the restrictions listed below:

  • CS 501 required,
  • Courses must be selected from minimum of two subject areas,
  • A maximum of six credits of 400-level course work,
  • A maximum of six graduate-level transfer credits are allowed.

Two 400-level courses are permitted in the student's MS-CS program. These courses are to be chosen in consultation with the advisor. However, CS 402 cannot be used for the program, nor can conjoint courses (those listed 400/500). That is, students must take the 500 level-course if they wish to use a conjoint course in their graduate program of study. Undergraduate courses listed as admission requirements cannot be counted towards the MS-CS degree.