Computer Science

Computer science students

Bachelor of science in computer science

Courses Degree requirements

Computer science gives you a broad education in the science and application of computing. You will learn to design and implement software systems and apply computing theory to the process. You will understand the hardware architectures underlying software systems, and the mathematics that provide the basis for the science of computing. You will also get experience in other scientific disciplines and develop effective communication skills.

At WSU Vancouver, you will learn to be a knowledgeable and skilled computer scientist with the workplace behaviors employers expect. You will learn high standards of professionalism and how to adapt to the changing landscape of computer science.

  1. Competence in software design and development
  2. Competence in industry-standard programming languages
  3. Understanding of the theoretical basis of computing
  4. Understanding of principles and practices for securing computing

Software developer, software engineer, mobile applications programmer, game developer, software tester, product manager, full-stack developer, data scientist, information security analyst

Minor in computer science

You may choose a minor in computer science to complement a major in a different subject. Your course of study must be approved in advance by an academic coordinator.

The minor in computer science consists of 21 credit hours with specific course requirements.

Academic Advising:

Undergraduate students last name (A-Le)

Keri Deford
Academic Coordinator

Undergraduate students last name (Li-Z)

Claire Potter
Academic Coordinator