Computer Science

Bachelor of science in computer science

In our computer science program, you’ll get a broad education in the science and application of computing. You’ll learn to design and implement software systems and apply computing theory to the process. You’ll understand the hardware architectures underlying software systems, and the mathematics that provide the basis for science and computing.

The program also requires you to gain experience in other scientific disciplines and develop effective communication skills.

Preparing for the future

The program was established and designed to prepare students to satisfy the needs of local and regional companies and organizations that use or design computers and/or software. Our industry advisory board helps us stay current with those needs.

Many students go on to graduate studies in computer science.

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science from WSU Vancouver

  • You should be a knowledgeable and skilled computer scientist, understanding the fundamental principles of computer science as well as several advanced specialty areas. You should have practical experience with tools, languages and systems. You should be able to solve problems analytically and craft software solutions.
  • You should know how to be the kind of employee who is in demand. Employers can expect our graduates to communicate clearly, through writing and speech, to a wide range of audiences. You should be able to maintain task commitment, stay organized and overcome obstacles.
  • You should know how to work in a team and lead a team.
  • You should be committed to high standards of professionalism. You should embrace a professional code of ethics, recognize the social impact of your work and respect the intellectual property of others.
  • You should adapt to the changing landscape of computer science. To remain an effective computer scientist, you should regularly update your knowledge and skills through individual study, classes and other techniques.

Sample courses:

  • Program design and development
  • Computer security
  • Advanced data structures
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence
  • Computer game design

Degree requirements and courses

Minor in computer science

You may choose a minor in computer science to complement a major in a different subject. Your course of study must be approved in advance by the computer science academic coordinator.

The minor in computer science consists of 21 credit hours with specific course requirements.