Computer Science, B.S.

The School of Engineering and Computer Science offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science undergraduate degree program accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Academics and degree program

It is the objective of the computer science program to provide a broad education in the science and application of computing. Students are expected to gain proficiency in the design and implementation of software systems, as well as the application of the theory of computing to that process. In addition, all students will develop a background in the hardware architectures that underlie software systems and the mathematics that provide the basis for science and computing. The degree program also requires students to obtain a background in other scientific disciplines and to develop effective communication skills.

Preparing you for the workforce

Graduates in the BS degree program will have a solid technical background in mathematics and science. The Bachelor of Science degree requires substantial basic and advanced computer science course work and is the traditional computer science degree.

The program was established and designed to prepare students to satisfy the needs of local and regional companies and organizations that use or design computers and/or software. The curriculum also prepares students for continued education at the graduate level in computer science.

Academic year 2014 included 124 undergradutes enrolled and 19 BS degrees awarded.