Computer Science, M.S.

Photo of students collaborating on a computerThe Master of Science in Computer Science program in the School of ENCS is a thesis program and requires 30 credit hours, including 21 hours of graded course work and 9 credits of thesis research (CS 700). The coursework and research are in the general areas of software engineering, artificial intelligence, computer networks and computer graphics.

Sophisticated facilities are available for instruction and research. Teaching and research assistantships are available for qualified students.

Program Requirements

Before undertaking graduate study in computer science, the well-prepared student would have completed a baccalaureate degree substantially similar to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree listed on this website. Students from other academic disciplines are also eligible to apply; however, such students will be required to take or have taken the equivalent of the following courses, including all prerequisites for these courses:

  • CS 317 Automata and Formal Languages,
  • CS 360 Systems Programming, and
  • CS 450 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Prerequisites for these courses include CS 122 Data Structures, CS 216 Discrete Structures, CS 223 Advanced Data Structures, CS 224 Programming Tools, STAT 360 Statistics and Probability. It is recommended that students without previous experience in computer programming consider instead a second BS in Computer Science.

An undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 is a minimum for admission to the MS program.

ENCS Graduate Outcomes

  1. Have depth of knowledge in a particular field or subfield of their discipline so that they are recognized as experts in that field;
  2. Have the ability to formulate and execute a research plan, including generating and analyzing research results;
  3. Are able to communicate effectively through oral presentations and publications;
  4. Pursue professional development to meet the challenging demands and increasing responsibilities of a successful career.