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After graduating from the School of Engineering and Computer Science, our alumni go on to be software engineers, computer and information systems managers; electrical engineers, working on micro/nano-scale devices; mechanical engineers involved in product design, manufacturing, robotics; or they choose from various other engineering and computer science-related positions.

The school offers ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. We also offer Master of Science programs in computer science and mechanical engineering.

In addition to teaching, faculty are actively involved in research sponsored by industry and government agencies such as wireless sensor networks, software architecture and design analysis, and haptic interfaces for virtual reality. Results of the research often serve as specific examples, case studies and projects in undergraduate courses. Furthermore, through the undergraduate research program, we offer you the opportunity to work one-on-one with the faculty as research assistants in advancing the frontiers of knowledge and technology.

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With its new, well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, small class sizes and research faculty, the school provides a stimulating environment for education and research. Engineering and computer science degrees are in high demand, and with the help of our award-winning faculty, you can reach your professional and technical goals.


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